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Randori Kata

Kaeshi-No-Kata Throws and Counter Throws

Kaeshi no kata is a kata of throws and counter throws and is similar to Gonosen no kata. This kata is as originated by Yukio Tani but other versions exist containing 8 or 9 techniques or with some of the ten below altered slightly. The techniques of this kata, like gonosen no kata, work well in randori and shiai and serve as a great (and often ovelooked) training aid.
See additional notes at the foot of this page.
De-Ashi-Barai countered by Tsubami-Gaeshi
Ko-Uchi-Gari countered by Hiza-Guruma
O-Uchi-Gari countered by Ko-Soto-Gari
O-Soto-Gari countered by O-Soto-Guruma
Ko-Soto-Gari countered by Tai-Otoshi
Harai-Goshi countered by Ushiro-Goshi
Hane-Gosh countered by Harai-Tsuri-Komi-Ashi
Uchi-Mata countered by Uchi-Mata-Sukashi
Koshi-Guruma countered by Utsuri-Goshi
Ippon-Seoi-Nage countered by Uki-Waza
Kaeshi no kata often considered to be more skillfull than gonosen no kata with the techniques requiring strength being removed or replaced. Total committment is essential from uke's initial attack and tori's counter throw.